Tracor is the premier decentralized logistics platform. Revolutionizing the self-storage, tracking and logistic industry.
Powered by Ethereum.

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What you can do with Tracor ?

A network of decentralized place and communities. Create, operate, and govern. Powered by Ethereum.

  • Real time insights

    Track shipments or storages 24/7, provide visibility into your inventory, manage from your smartphone, intuitive analytics and reporting dashboards.

  • Orders

    Our platform integrates with your Company inventory management system. No more data wrangling or inefficiencies.

  • Intuitive workflow

    220k vessels tracked real time (Drone, Ocean, Air, Truck and Rail), Track shipments 24/7.

  • Future Projects

    The Tracor team will continue to deploy new options to the Network indefinitely, simultaneously while showcasing the powers of decentralized place.

  • Predictive analytics

    Optimal shipment routing, social media proactive notifications, smart containers & cargo.

  • Tracking

    Sensors: Provide visibility into your inventory and storage.
    Mobile: Manage your shipments and orders on the go. Intuitive analytics and reporting dashboards..

  • Quotes

    Use Tracor Token (TRC) to pay and receive money from the community, fees are extremely low and maximum transaction security.

  • Future Projects

    The Tracor team will continue to deploy new DApp to the Network indefinitely, simultaneously while showcasing the powers of decentralized markets.

  • Open community

    The evolution of Tracor is done with the participation of the community, all the new projects are open to all.

Tracor Roadmap

  • 2016



    Emergence of idea, analysis of the market and competitors

    February 2017

  • August

    contribution period

    Tokens soft cap 10 Mil$. End 48 hours after soft cap is reached


    The first Beta version of the platform is available online.

    November 2017

  • official LAUNCH

    The final version of the platform and Smartphone App are available online and ready to work.

    January 2018

  • March 2018

    Global expension

    Opening marketing several other countries is launched.

  • future of the platform

    Work on optimizing the platform, validating new platform community function for international exchanges inside the dashboard.

TRC Network Token

It is an eco friendly based on Proof-of-Stake. No more power hungry mining hardware.

To enable all contributors to be able to monetize, secure revenue from their applications and implement decision-making mechanisms coordinated with the Tracor network, we present the Tracor network token.

The Tracor Network Token (TRC) is a staking token used by holders to join Tracor and participate in their governance.

The tokens can also be used to participate in Tracor's evolution process, integrated ancillary modules, how the fees collected by ancillary revenue generating modules are used and beyond.


The Tracor Contract will mint 700,000,000 TRC tokens. On August 21th, 2017, Tracor is hosting an initial contribution period to kick off the process of distributing TRC tokens and to support the continued development efforts of the Tracor Project.

  • 600,000,000

    Allocated to participants
    in Contribution Period

  • 50,000,000

    20% Bonus
    (Start Bonus 20% for ICO)

  • 30,000,000

    (vest over the course of 2 years)

  • 20,000,000

    (vest over the course of 2 years)

Contribution Period


    August 21 2:00 p.m. UTC

  • END

    Sept. 21 or 48 hours after the soft cap is reached


    10 Mil USD

1 ETH = 4200 TRC
1 TRC = $0,07

+20% Tokens bonus

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Contribution Terms

Please note: 650,000,000 TRC tokens will be divided and distributed amongst all participants, each receiving an allocation proportional to the amount they contributed, relative to the total collected.